Wessel Wessels has been a rocket enthusiast since watching the first launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia on April 12, 1981, when he was ten years old. Ever since that day, he has keenly followed new developments in the rocket and space industry.

If he is not delving into NASA’s archives to get a better understanding of early spaceflight and the vehicles and technologies used to achieve the various milestones in space exploration, he takes regular deep dives into the more complex parts of how rockets work and operate.

Wessel Wessels

He still follows every possible live orbital launch streamed online, even if it means having to stay up until 4 am, and at the age of 51 still gets excited when the first stage boosters of an orbital launch vehicle ignite during liftoff.

Literally sitting with a notepad in hand, he takes notes about new developments and procedures mentioned he would like to know more about or doesn’t quite understand yet. This is typically followed by reading up on relevant subjects and researching every possible paper or report from NASA, ESA, and whatever he can find from other space agencies.

Even digitized videos from the early days of spaceflight, from the early days of the Gemini, Mercury, and Apollo programs, to whatever he can find about similar developments on the Russian side – everything gets devoured and scrutinized to broaden his knowledge on this fascinating industry constantly.

He is constantly researching all aspects of orbital rocket technology and space travel in general with the aim of sharing his knowledge with fellow enthusiasts and readers around the world, hoping to get others as excited and captivated by everything spaceflight related.

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