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All About Orbital Rockets And The Spacecraft They Carry To Space

Headed For Space is dedicated to studying and reporting on launch vehicles from around the world, past & present. It covers everything, from Sputnik, which carried the first satellite into orbit, to the development of SpaceX’s latest Starship (and everything in between).

Its aim is to research all aspects of orbital rockets and space travel and share this knowledge with fellow enthusiasts from around the world. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Recent Posts

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    With so much focus on rocket fuels like hydrogen and new alternatives like liquid methane, it is hard to believe that an advanced form of propulsion known as ion thrusters or drives has been around for over half a…
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    Most satellites and spacecraft, whether they are orbiting Earth at an altitude of a few hundred miles, or exploring Saturn 886 million miles away, will enter a specific type of orbit around a celestial body at some point. In…
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    In 2016, Falcon 9 rocket unexpectedly exploded on the launchpad due to a breach in the helium system used to pressurize the liquid propellant tanks, raising the question of why rocket propellant tanks need to be pressurized. Rocket propellant…