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All About Rockets And The Spacecraft They Carry To Space

Headed For Space is dedicated to studying and reporting on launch vehicles from around the world, past & present. It covers everything, from Sputnik, which carried the first satellite into orbit, to the development of SpaceX’s latest Starship (and everything in between).

Its aim is to research all aspects of orbital rockets and space travel and share this knowledge with fellow enthusiasts from around the world. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Recent Posts

  • What Is A Rocket Interstage?
    All orbital rockets are multistage launch vehicles that require two or more stages, each with its own propulsion system, to reach orbit. A rocket interstage or interstage adapter forms a crucial part of this setup. A rocket interstage is…
  • What Is Solid Rocket Fuel?
    In recent times, fuels like RP-1, hydrogen & methane are often compared and discussed. However, solid rocket fuel is the oldest form of rocket propellant and still forms an integral part of many modern orbital rockets. Solid rocket fuel…
  • Using Liquid Hydrogen As Rocket Fuel – Pros And Cons
    For over half a century, RP-1 propellant has been the fuel of choice to power orbital rocket’s first stages. For their upper stages, though, liquid hydrogen is primarily used. We take a closer look at this cryogenic fuel. In…